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Cold weather is here, Is it time for NEW REPLACEMENT WINDOWS ?

The winter season is making its way into many New england states and with this cold weather, heating costs are on the rise. Throughout central mass, heating systems are working overtime. That’s because many homes allow the heat to leak out via poorly insulated windows. Maybe it’s time to install replacement windows and save some money.

According to the meteorologist,  here are the average temperatures so far for this winter:

Boston, Ma,=34               Worcester, Ma.=  29

Hartford,Ct.=  32         Providence.Ri=31

With temperatures close to or at  freezing, it is important that your home holds in the maximum amount of heat. A well-insulated home requires your heating system to run less which results in lower heating costs through the long winter. One way to reduce heat loss is through  replacement windows. I prefer to use a high quality and very reliable window . My choice is the Viewpoint window from Norandex. Viewpoint offers three different replacement window grades.The 3000 series which is the basic window, the 6000 series which is the middle of the road window and the 8000 series which has more available options and colors. All windows come with low-e glass and a half screen. The best part of the viewpoint window is the free transferable glass breakage warranty.

While replacement windows are an upfront cost to homeowners, they will end up saving a lot of money down the line. Heating bills will be lower because the heat will actually stay in the home, creating an evenly heated space rather than drifting out through older and less efficient windows. And with heating costs not expected to drop anytime soon, it is important to save on resources as much as possible.

To learn more about New Image Constructions energy efficient window replacements as well as ways to save money on your heating costs this winter, please contact us today! We are experts at installing windows and offer this service throughout our large service area in central mass including Shrewsbury, Paxton and Sturbridge.


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  1. mark says:

    I am getting cold just reading this!

    Better get some new windows!

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