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Is it time for replacement windows ?

Have been thinking about the windows in your home and the money your spending to keep your family warm or cool? Are you wondering, is it time for replacement windows ? Well, you are not alone. Educated homeowners are learning more about ways to reduce their heating and cooling bills. Replacement Windows are a good way to lower those costs. But how can you tell if you need new windows? Especially if you have recently purchased your home and are unsure of how old the windows are. What materials were used in the windows? Unsure, then you may not have a clear idea of whether or not you need to replace them.

So to help with the decision, the replacement window experts at New Image Construction & Design would like to ask six questions that may help you make the right choice.

1. Do your windows get condensation or frost build upon the inside?

2. touch the glass, is it cold in the winter or warm to hot in the summer?

3. Sitting near a window in the winter feels colder than the rest of your home?

4. Do the windows rattle when the wind is blowing?

5. Do you dislike your existing window condition or style?

6. Check the inside & outside of your windows.

Do you see any of the following?  *Cracked or loose glass *Rotted window sills or frames * Peeling paint * Loose or missing hardware * Broken, ripped or missing insect screens

These are all indications that your windows need to be replaced. If you are having one or more of these issues then it is time to see what New Replacement Windows could do for you and your family.

New Image Construction & Design is an authorized VEIWPOINT window dealer. We can answer all your questions about replacement windows. We provide quality window replacements throughout Central Mass. Our service area covers WORCESTER County: including the Auburn, Sturbridge, Paxton, Holden and Shrewsbury areas and beyond. If you want to learn how our Viewpoint replacement windows can save you money,    please contact us today! New Image Construction & design

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