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Remodeling Project in Hopkinton MA


One of the projects completed last year by New Image Construction was a kitchen addition and Remodeling Project in Hopkinton, Ma.

New Image Construction worked as a sub-contractor on this project  in Hopkinton, MA. The new space we created 18 ft.x 12 ft kitchen addition and includes a new bathroom and main entry. Along with the addition, other remodeling  work being done includes: all new Integrity windows, CertainTeed architectural shingles,all new Azek composite trim and cedar clap board siding.  In order to do the roof and siding, New image Construction follows  strict OSHA fall protection guide lines.  At any height over 6 feet workers have to use fall safety precautions.  These are the steps we take to stay within the laws and regulations in the home remodeling business.  Also by following these rules our workers are less concerned about falling and thus have more focus on quality.

The exterior of the home was the majority of the remodeling project for New Image Construction. The exterior remodeling of this home was broken down into four projects.Roof  Replacement, all new Azek trim, and new cedar siding.  Take a quick look at whats involved in each of them.

We removed all of the old roof shingles,drip-edge and tar paper. This exposed the roof deck for inspection and repair if needed. New image then prepared the home for it’s new roof and installed new Azek composite roof trim, drip-edge was then added to all roof edges along with the required Ice & water protection. A synthetic tar paper was used to cover the remaining roof surfaces. CertainTeed roof  shingles were then install in accordance to industry standards for residential roofing. The ridge vent was then installed to complete the roofing portion of this remodeling project.

Once the roofing was complete we proceeded to replace the old cedar siding.  This process included the removal of the original siding to check for potential damages to the sheathing and preparation for the new siding.  With the original siding of there were spots of minor rot that was fixed and the siding process began.  The first step in this process is applying Tyvek paper to protect the homes framing from water damage.  With the house properly prepped for siding, we proceeded to install new siding to the home.  When we completed the siding it was time for the painters to finish the process by caulking and painting to protect the home from mother nature and give it a finished look.

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  1. mark paskell says:

    Nice job Jeff. What happens if a homeowner hires a contractor who does not follow the OSHA safety guidelines you speak about in your post?