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Custom kitchen design offers homeowners the unique opportunity to plan ahead and design every detail of their new kitchen. At New Image Construction and Design, we specialize in custom designs that will give your entire kitchen a New Image in more ways than appearance. Our goal is to help you build a new kitchen that you won’t see in your local home improvement showroom. We intend to build you something much better! We will work with you throughout the planning and design phases to ensure that the kitchen is both functional and truly unique.

Kitchen Remodeling

We know that’s why you’re here today; you don’t want a run of the mill kitchen from your local box store or production builder. There’s no reason to strive to keep up with the neighbors when your new custom kitchen will surpass all expectations. We want to help you create your vision of the perfect kitchen so that you can host the most amazing gatherings for your family and friends.

Kitchen Remodeling

The remodeling process is very similar to a new home build. We remove everything from your existing kitchen, strip it down to bare walls, and rebuild it to meet your new design specifications. The process often includes moving plumbing and electrical to update those systems and create new possibilities as well. We can modify the lighting to include recessed or hanging fixtures, or under and over cabinet lighting options. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your existing kitchen, we can create your vision of the perfect kitchen by building everything from the floor up.


Kitchen customization may sound daunting at first. You have to choose the layout and design as well as the number of cabinets, whether or not you’ll include an island, the type of materials you’ll use, and everything from the ceiling to the floor. Yes, it can be overwhelming, but our goal is to help you make those difficult decisions and choices.

We encourage you to share your vision with us, even if you’re unsure whether or not your ideas are even feasible. We will offer our experience and expertise to help you in any way we can. We may even be able to combine your vision with our expertise and create something truly amazing.

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If you’re in Spencer or the surrounding areas and in the market to build a custom kitchen in your new home or remodel your existing kitchen, call us at 508-885-3210. Take a look at our gallery of past projects before you leave, so you can see the quality of our workmanship.