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Gambrel Copula Restoration

New Image Construction took on a project in the summer of 2013 that was a little out of the ordinary.  The project was to restore an 1888 Gambrel Copula or bell tower without the bell.  It had been taken over by pigeons and bats over the years resulting in some major rot damage. The goal was to tear off all the old trim and slate roofing to expose and repair the structure.  This was no easy task as it was a tedious process done with the use of a man lift.

Here is what the copula looked like before the restoration :

Once all the trim and decorative pieces were removed the framing was revealed and repairs were made.  Some of the rot included the sills and studs which were replaced with new material.  The structures age made  the rebuilding of the frame a tedious process trying to match the settling and crookedness typical of old buildings.  Although the most that did not compare to the application of all the decorative trim.

To ensure longevity composite trim was used.  With composite birds and small critters will not peck or chew their way inside.  Even on your house the most vulnerable areas of your home for critters to get in is through the roof trim.  Also with composite you no longer need to keep up with maintaining the wood with paint or stain.  Since the structure was too high to easily reach composite trim was the most practical way.

20130820_152302 Here is what the cupula looked like with the new decorative composite trim around the widows and roof.

The final step we took was to take off all the old slate saving it for the customer.  We would then replace it using a new composite slate looking shingle.  Once again choosing composite for its easy maintenance and longevity.  With the new shingles completed and a newly fabricated  decorative fencing on the roof the project was complete.


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