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Custom Addition

Thinking about an addition? With interest rates at a low and home equity loans becoming affordable, it is the perfect time to add that extra living space you have been thinking about. An addition is the largest home remodeling purchase you may ever make and some considerations need to be addressed.  Additional living space is often a need, at which point you have the decision of choosing between selling your old home and buying a new home or building an addition to achieve that need.  There are significant advantages of building an addition.  By adding square footage to your home, there is high return in the cost-value ratio.It is also cheaper to build an addition as opposed to purchasing a new home to fill the need for more living space.  If you love your neighborhood and don’t want to leave, an addition allows you to stay while gaining that space you are looking for.  With choosing to add on to your home, you have the chance to design and create the best fit for you.  All the fun in the process of an addition is having the ability to work with a professional to create the ideal

space for you.



While these are the positives of an addition there are also some negatives that arise.  With an addition you will lose some yard space that could cause problems for those with small lots.  A solution to this would be to build a second story or dormers.   Also the conditions of living in your home during construction can be somewhat of a disruption to your family.  The constant sound of power tools, hammers, debris, etc. can get old quick but with proper planning you and your family can push through the process.  Remember though that once the process is over you will have the space you wanted and needed to enjoy for years to come!

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