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Choosing the right Remodeling Contractor in central Massachusetts

Choosing the right Remodeling Contractor 

Are you THINKING about a remodeling or  improvement project for your HOME. Are you wondering  how to choose the best remodeling contractor. Have You heard the  stories of contractors leaving the house or yard a mess, doing poor quality work  and making the overall project a nightmare for weeks.  Don’t let that stop you from remodeling and updating your home. As Contractor myself , I’ll give you some pointers for choosing the right contractor to complete your remodeling project.

With any type of project, you want a contractor who is a good fit for you, your spouse and your family. This contractor and crew will be around your home for a long time.  Don’t hire the remodeling contractor who gives you a bad feeling in your gut the first time you meet them.

Tips for Hiring a Contractor:

  1. Ask friends, family and co-workers for a referral.
  2. does that remodeling contractor do the type of project your thinking about.
  3. Are there photos or samples of the contractor’s work  on their website ?
  4. The contractor should be able provide you with at least three references and you should  ask these people if the contractor kept them informed, considered their needs and stuck to the budget. Would they hire them again.
  5. Check the contractors is license, Certifications and make sure they are insured with general liability and Workers Comp if they have any employee’s
  6. If comparing estimates, you should be comparing apples for apples. this means the same materials and the same scope of work.
  7. Every Remodeling Contractor in Massachusetts needs to use a detailed contract. This contract must cover the start/end dates, the scope of work and the types of building materials used, and a the most important, the total cost for the project.


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