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Bathroom Makeover

Is your bathroom in need of a makeover?  Bathroom makeovers are becoming the top priority for many homeowners these days.  Whether you plan to add a bathroom or remodel an existing one, you are making one of the highest investment returns for your home.  If selling your home is in the near future some simple uplifts to the existing bath(s) will pay off.  Or maybe its just that time to makeover your bath for you.  Here we will discuss some ideas to give your bathroom that WOW factor.

Fixture selection is a huge part of a bathroom makeover.  If you plan to keep the same layout it can be relatively easy to do simply by picking the same size vanity or tub/shower you currently have.  If you have that dream bath in mind that just needs a tweak here and some repositioning there it is crucial to have a design that allows you to pick the correct fixtures to work for that space.  An important thing to note is the amount of storage you will need.  To surely accommodate all your necessities look for the largest vanity for the space you have.

20140813_130824To really get that WOW factor you should take in consideration the mirror and lighting you choose.  These set the tone for the room while being functional and mood setting.

The most important feature to keeping your bathroom makeover long lasting is proper ventilation.  This can be accomplished by adding or updating your current exhaust fan.  This will prevent the potential for mold and mildew growth by removing moisture from the room.  It is important to use an exhaust fan fitting for the size of the room. It never hurts to go over board but if the fan is inadequate, that beautiful new makeover will not last.

Paint is another step in the bathroom makeover.  It is also the simplest and most cost effective way to give your bath a new look.  Whether you choose to just paint your bath or it is just one step in the process, be sure to use the right kind.  As mentioned above about moisture and exhausting it,  there will be moisture.  Therefore selecting a paint that is resistant to mold and mildew is most ideal.

Flooring best suited for your bathroom makeover is tile.  It withstands water and is most durable for bathroom conditions.  When choosing your tile and color, take home some samples or contact a contractor with them and place them in your bathroom to get the best 20140305_154032visualization.  It is difficult to picture your bathroom when at the store and hoping it will work.  Tiles come in different shapes and sizes and by having a sample in your bathroom may make the decision easier.  10304639_10100481985813603_6471402106820873277_n




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