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About Us

Welcome to New Image Construction, your best choice for high end remodeling in Spencer Massachusetts. Whether you need to remodel your home, add windows, siding or even a new roof, our experience and expertise means we are ready to take on your project, and greatly exceed your expectations.

Our History

New Image Construction was founded in 1995. With the increasingly difficult economy, the demand and need for quality remodeling professionals has grown, and New Image was created to fulfill this need and to offer homeowners like you creative and highly efficient solutions for turning their vision into reality.

Design Culture

At New Image, you are the boss. We fully understand that it’s not about a building; it is about your home, where your family should feel comfortable, happy, and secure. That is why your vision and your values will be incorporated into every stage of the process, from the initial design to the end product. We are known for thinking outside the box and for going the extra mile to give you the living space you’re going to enjoy and proudly show off.


No matter what facet of home remodeling you are in the market for, we promise to carefully listen to everything you have to say, and ask you about every detail, to ensure that we fully understand exactly what you need. We work closely with you, and provide you with a preliminary schedule, start-to-completion schedule, project hour supervision, and weekly client/project updates. With us, there are no unfinished projects, messy sites, or project setbacks. It is up to us to secure good scheduling and good planning, and to make certain that everything works like clockwork. We are proud to say that it’s exactly what we do.


We strongly believe in honesty, transparency, reliability, and accountability. With us, there are no hidden costs, or unforeseen circumstances: if we tell you that it will cost a certain amount, and that it will be finished by a certain date, that is exactly how it’s going to be.

We believe in beauty and functionality. We are creating spaces where people will live, work, play, sleep, daydream, and enjoy, and our solutions must fulfill all of these needs.¬†Most of all, we believe in you. We believe in your vision and in your values, and in your right to get exactly what you have imagined, only better. And we won’t stop until we make it happen.